The mission of Fimbrion Therapeutics, Inc. is to discover, develop, and commercialize antimicrobial-sparing, first-in-class antivirulence drugs for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases caused by bacteria, including anbitiotic-resistant strains.

A New Strategy for Winning the War on Bugs


The exponential increase of antimicrobial resistance and multidrug resistant strains, coupled to the absence of any new classes of antimicrobials in the past 30 years, has resulted in the dire medical situation we face today with increasingly limited therapeutic options for bacterial infections. Furthermore, broad-spectrum antimicrobial usage has a negative impact on an individual’s health by disrupting normal beneficial microbiota. Therefore, there is a need for new narrow-spectrum, antimicrobial strategies to combat bacterial infections that can overcome existing mechanisms of resistance and minimize the emergence of new ones, while being minimally disruptive to resident beneficial microbiota. 

Fimbrion’s initial focus is the development and commercialization of an orally active drug to prevent and treat urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Options for treating bacterial infections, especially those caused by Gram-negative bacteria, are becoming increasingly limited due to the exponential increase in antibiotic resistance.  Urinary tract infections are the third leading indication for antibiotic therapy and where antibiotic-resistant bacteria are becoming increasingly common. Our innovative approach targets bacterial adhesins, a specific virulence mechanism used by urinary tract pathogens to colonize host tissue, instead of targeting bacterial viability through traditional antimicrobial therapy. This approach overcomes existing mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance and potentiates efficacy of available antimicrobials, while being minimally disruptive to resident beneficial microbiota.